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Erna Reimer started making heating pads with Flax Seed over 25 years ago, with the intent to sooth aching muscles and sore joints from the moist heat provided by a heating pad that not only rests comfortably on the body but compresses by its weight to send heat deep within.  

Erna and her Husband(Vic) travelled across Western Canada for many years selling her heating pads at all the the major Craft Shows and many in small towns as well.  They became very well known and highly respected for creating such  quality products. Through word of mouth their products reputation  and their own personal guarantee of a high end Flax Seed Heating Pad surpassed expectations of all their customers.

In 2016 retirement from manufacturing seemed the right thing to do to allow time for family and travel.  This came to be a shock for the thousands of friends/customers who purchased from her in the past.  The phone rang so often with requests to purchase the last of her stock, or favors to make just 2 more, it was so difficult for her to say she was retiring.

I thought I might take a run at making them so I asked her to teach me how to make a Flax Seed Heating Pad, to train me so that I could continue to help all those friends and their families by making the products they all need.

Well she did her best, and now I sew a pretty awesome heating pad, it still takes me too long to thread a needle but heating pads are being made and delivered to happy people every day again.

So please, buy one, maybe two, enjoy them and use them often, warm yourself and take in the comfort it will provide for years to come.

Doug Reimer

Erna's Son

President/CEO/Head Sewing Machine Operator/Shipper and Receiver/ Webmaster and Secretary

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