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Your purchase of a Heating Pad might land up being one of the favourite items you may ever own.  The moist heat that gets expelled from the treated and cleaned Flax Seed will warm tired and sore muscles relaxing aches and pains away.


For over 25 years Erna’s Original Heating Pad has aided those in discomfort.  Offering mobility from a cordless heat source that penetrates deep to the core of your discomfort.  The sheer weight of the flax seed compresses against the skin keeping the heating pad in place giving you full heat coverage.

Instructions for Use  (follow the instruction sticker on each pad, remove sticker before use)

Based on strength of a 1000 Watt Microwave that uses either a rotating center plate or a sliding back and forth plate.  If your microwave does not have a plate that moves, cut time in half and repeat until Heating pad is a comfortable temperature (remember to shake it in between cycles).  All Heating Pads should be heated from room temperature.  If you are using a Pad that you have pulled from the freezer, allow Pad to reach room temperature before heating.


For best results when microwaving the Shoulder/Back Heating Pad or the Body Blanket Heating Pad, place in centre of Microwave and set temperature at High for 1  1/2 minutes.  Remove the Heating Pad and shake it to move seeds around, then place back in the microwave again for another 1  minute 15 seconds, and you’re done.


For best results when microwaving the Tummy Pad or the Kidney Belt Pad, place in centre of the microwave, heat for 1 minute 15 seconds. Remove the heating pad and shake it to move the seeds around, then place back in the microwave for an additional 45 seconds, and you’re done.


If you are reheating when the Pad is still warm, use less time.


CAUTION:  Flax is an oil based seed and gets very hot, if left too long in the microwave while heating.  It is possible that the seed can get so hot as to singe the fabric and leave you with a damaged Heating Pad.  We are not responsible for damage that occurs through neglect to follow instructions for use.


Heating Pads are NOT washable.  If your Heating Pad is stained, our recommendation is to wipe lightly with a damp cloth. If you have purchased the removable cover with your Heating Pad, the cover is machine washable on a delicate cycle.


Cooling a Painful Sunburn


That’s right, we’ve been told by hundreds of customers that the Flax Seed pad retains the cold as well and will provide relief from sensitive skin that has been sunburned.


Simply place the Pad in your freezer (use the zip-lock bag supplied), let it sit for a few minutes, till it’s cool to touch and place directly to the affected area.  The Freezer Pad is the pad of choice, but any product from our line will offer up the result desired.


Always remember not to try to heat up a flax seed pad that has come directly out of the freezer.  Pads should be close to room temperature prior to heating in a microwave.


If you place a flax seed pad in the freezer after 30-45 minutes the temperature of the seeds within the bag will fall to -5 degrees.  We do not recommend placing the bag directly onto a sunburn when the temperature is that cold, however, for sprains, this will benefit to reduce swelling and provide comfort to an injury.



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