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One of our new items, the Kidney Belt, fastens around the waist using velcro sewn onto the belt straps.  You no longer have to stay in one place to keep the heat where it is needed, you are now fully mobile.  Wear it like a belt, the large seeded pockets at the back rest exactly where you want it, just above the hips down to the lower back. Use it to wrap around your knee, the velcro will hold it in place, you can place it on your neck and message tension headaches away or if you suffer from severe cramping swing it around to the front, no more tucking a heating pad into your pant waist.

Dimensions of coverage area approx. 9"wide x 23"long, contains on avg. 1kg of flax seed

The straps comfortably wrap around a waist 30" to 36". An extension is available to enlarge the waist size to 48".

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